We are launching a WEEKLY virtual speaker series for political science scholars. 
The series provides an opportunity for us to convene virtually on a regular basis to share new research.
If you are interested in giving a presentation of your research findings,
please send your paper and curriculum vitae to polisciworkshopchina@gmail.com.
Young scholars who are interested in China’s job market are especially encouraged to apply.
If you are a job candidate and would like to post your profile on the website, please send your CV, affiliation information, link to your personal website, and a picture (optional) via Email to polisciworkshopchina@gmail.com. We will post your profiles on this website.

Platform and Time

Online Sessions with Zoom.

Every Friday 9 - 10 PM EST,
Every Saturday 9 - 10 AM Beijing Time.

Each invited speaker is expected to give a 30-45 minute presentation (in Chinese or English), followed by Q&A.

For Audience

If you are interested in participating as an audiencemember, please send an email to: polisciworkshopchina@gmail.com 
with your name, academic affiliation, and position.
We will send the Zoom meeting ID to your email address.

If you would like to post position information and introduction about your institutes on this website, please contact us through the above Email.

Next Session

December 9, 9:00 PM EST(北京时间12月10日上午10点)
Zihui Zhao 赵紫慧(Cornell)
"Broken 'Iron rice bowls' and shattered Communist fairy tales: SOE reform and political trust in China"

​Emerson Niou 牛铭实
Junyan Jiang 蒋俊彦
Zhaotian Luo 罗兆天
Tianyang Xi 席天扬
Yishuang Li 李怡爽
Shuyi Yu 俞书意
Junlong Zhou 周俊龙