We are launching a WEEKLY virtual speaker series for political science scholars. 
The series provides an opportunity for us to convene virtually on a regular basis to share new research.
If you are interested in giving a presentation of your research findings,
please send your paper and curriculum vitae to polisciworkshopchina@gmail.com.
Young scholars who are interested in China’s job market are especially encouraged to apply.
If you are a job candidate and would like to post your profile on the website, please send your CV, affiliation information, link to your personal website, and a picture (optional) via Email to polisciworkshopchina@gmail.com. We will post your profiles on this website.

Next Session

Dec 29, 9:00 PM EST (北京时间12月30日上午10点)
Songpo Yang 杨松坡 (清华大学)
“The Faces of Power: Physiognomic Styles and Political Selection in China.”

​Emerson Niou 牛铭实
Junyan Jiang 蒋俊彦
Zhaotian Luo 罗兆天
Tianyang Xi 席天扬
Zhencen Liu 刘珍岑
Hanying Wei 魏焓颖
Shuyi Yu 余舒意